Angel Cake Strawberry Shortcake Doll with Prices

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Angel was first released in 1981.  She was made as a regular six-inch doll, a Party Pleaser and a Baby Doll. She also has three regular miniatures and one deluxe miniature.  Soufflé was made into a plush pet and is one of the harder to find plush pets. 

Interesting Facts:

1.  Her regular six-inch doll is the only one of the good guys that doesn’t have a hat.

Price Guide:

Regular Issue DollValue: MIB $25 and upangelcake
Party PleaserValue: MIB $50 and upangelPP
 Blowkiss Doll:Value: MIB $50 and up blowkissangelcake
Angel taking a bath MiniValue: MOC $7angelcakeinthetupPVC
Angel talking on the phone miniValue: MOC $7angelcakeonthephonePVC
Angel and SouffleValue: MOC $10angelcakeandsoufflemini
 Angel Cake deluxe miniValue MIB: $25 and up  
 Plush SouffleValue: $100 and up plushsouffle
Regular Issue ShoesParty Pleaser Shoes

Pricing Guide for Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

  • Strawberry shortcake pricing guide  

    How to buy and sell Strawberry Shortcake dolls online with March 2022 pricing guide 

Are you thinking of buying or selling vintage strawberry shortcake dolls or collectables? In this guide, I will teach you everything you need to know about good practices when buying or selling online in the USA plus some information about enhancing your profit. I will cover where and how to sell them for the best price. I also include a pricing guide from March 2022 sales to assist you in this process.

Miniature Card Quotes

1. Angel Cake on the phone:

  “Friends are berry nice to talk to.”

2. Angel Cake taking a Bath:

     “Bubble Baths make you berry beautiful.”

3. Angel Cake with Soufflé Skunk    

 “These flowers smell berry sweet. “