Angel Cake Strawberry Shortcake Doll with Prices

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Angel was first released in 1981.  She was made as a regular six-inch doll, a Party Pleaser and a Baby Doll. She also has three regular miniatures and one deluxe miniature.  Soufflé was made into a plush pet and is one of the harder to find plush pets. 

Interesting Facts:

1.  Her regular six-inch doll is the only one of the good guys that doesn’t have a hat.

Price Guide:

Regular Issue DollValue: MIB $25 and up
Party PleaserValue: MIB $50 and up
 Blowkiss Doll:Value: MIB $50 and up 
Angel taking a bath MiniValue: MOC $7
Angel talking on the phone miniValue: MOC $7
Angel and SouffleValue: MOC $10
 Angel Cake deluxe miniValue MIB: $25 and up  
 Plush SouffleValue: $100 and up 
Regular Issue ShoesParty Pleaser Shoes

Miniature Card Quotes

1. Angel Cake on the phone:

  “Friends are berry nice to talk to.”

2. Angel Cake taking a Bath:

     “Bubble Baths make you berry beautiful.”

3. Angel Cake with Soufflé Skunk    

 “These flowers smell berry sweet. “