Baby Needs a Name Doll Features and Pet with Prices

Revised information from the former Mint Tulip’s Garden Tea Party website.

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Baby Needs a Name was first released in 1984.  She was only issued as a Blowkiss Baby Doll. She was issued with two wristbands, so that the owner could give her a name.

Interesting Facts:

1.  Fig Boot is her pet.

2.  She has no miniatures or other dolls made.

3.  She is often confused with the Apricot and Angel Cake Baby Dolls because they all have white hair.

4.  She has a whole movie about her.

5.  A custom doll maker made several “Baby Needs A Name” dolls for a Strawberry Shortcake convention that never took place. These dolls were made from a Butter Cookie doll.

Price Guide

Blowkiss Baby DollValue: MIB $50 and upBlowkissbabyneedsaname
 FigBootValue: MIB $50 and up figboot1
Blowkiss Shoes