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Resource Sites

This is a list of resources for Strawberry Shortcake fans like you! This list includes popular Strawberry Shortcake related websites. These sites are ranked by popularity and have been reviewed to ensure they provide high quality content. Browse through these sites to find the best one for you!

The Strawberry Shortcake Fandom Wiki is a detailed Wiki on the franchise group. They have a wiki page on everything from Strawberry Shortcake & Friends to the Strawberryland DVD.

– The Ghost of the Doll is a blog about Strawberry Shortcake and other vintage dolls with reviews, information on collecting old toys, and stories from these sweet little gems that were often discarded or even donated to thrift stores without care after they became outdated by new trends in toy fads!

All About Dolls is a website with extensive information about every type of doll. They recently (2021) closed their shop, selling a wide variety of doll-related accessories including wigs, shoes, outfits, glasses, stands and doll making supplies. They are happy to help first timers find the right things that they need!

The website specialises in vintage toys and dolls, as well as collectables. Their blog features a variety of blogs from eBay sellers to collectors who have discovered the joys of collecting Strawberry Shortcake! The ToyDollz Blog shares knowledge on how you can start your own collection or find some rare items that are hard to come by with their help. They also share their own Strawberry Shortcake collection, the latest in toy news and other vintage collectables that they discover. The website features a variety of resources for collectors including an up to date price guide as well as some history on this beloved doll brand!

Collector’s Corner Blog is also worth checking out if you’re interested in finding information about

Brown Eyed Rose has an extensive list of information for collectors, and up to date price guide, and some history on this brand.

Never Grow Up Doll Guide has a blog where they review dolls and provide photos, as well as a strawberry shortcake doll price guide. has a Strawberry Shortcake Shrine with all the dolls and an extensive timeline of the toy’s history.

B4andafters has a great tutorial about how to make a Strawberry Shortcake Princess Doll cake.