10 Tips to Display Your Strawberry Shortcake Doll Collection

In this digital age of interactive entertainment, it can be hard to find a good old-fashioned hobby. But strawberry shortcake doll collection remains an enduring favorite for many young girls. Strawberry Shortcake is a strawberry-scented American Greeting Card character who stars in her own animated series and remains popular today more than 30 years after first appearing on greeting cards.

Unlike modern collectable dolls that come with highly specific conditions for how they should be displayed, strawberry shortcake dolls were designed with shelf sitting in mind – which makes strawberry shortcake doll collection easy to display as well as fun to admire from all angles. Here are 10 tips on displaying strawberry shortcake doll collection:

1. If you are displaying strawberry shortcake dolls that are still in their boxes, make sure the boxes are displayed neatly and arranged chronologically if possible.

2. Display strawberry shortcake doll collections with doll stands to keep them upright for a more interesting display.

3. Try using AITEE acrylic or Odoria display cases so you can enjoy the strawberry shortcake miniature collection without worrying about dust settling on the characters.

AITEE display case
AITEE display case
Odoria Display case
Odoria Display Case

4. Use Phattopa acrylic stands to show them off on the stand. This works best for minituates that you can wipe over if they get dusty. You can also use them for cosmetics and other items.

Phattopa Acrylic stands for SS minitiatures
Phattopa Acrylic Stands

4. Keep the strawberry shortcake dolls’ original packaging on hand so children can see how they came packaged when bought new – or even view old strawberry shortcake doll commercials, print ads, toy catalogs, etc., if available to give an added perspective on strawberry short cake’s popularity over time.

6. Display strawberry shortcake doll collection near strawberry shortcake collectables that you may own to create a scene.

7. Group strawberry shortcake characters together by theme for a more interesting display rather than trying to group strawberry shortcake dolls by character. For example, place strawberry shortcake and her cat cherry jam together.

8. Ask friends or family members if they have any strawberry shortcake doll collections they would be willing to lend you so you can expand your strawberry shortcake doll collection with extra pieces without having to spend money on them all at once!

9. When displaying strawberry shortcake doll collections in an area where sunlight is present, use ultraviolet glass filters to prevent fading of the colors over time.

10. Measure you cabinet and put the acrylic stands directly in the cabinet for a great effect.

Funko Pop Shelves To Display
Funko Pop display on acrylic stands in cabinet

When you want to display your collectables in a room it is a great idea to deck it out in 1980s nostalgia. Here are a few ideas for your collector’s corner: