What were the names of the strawberry shortcake dolls?

Originally there were twelve dolls in the set; Strawberry Shortcake with Custard Kitten, Huckleberry Pie with Pupcake Puppy, Lime Chiffon with Parfait Parrot, Butter Cookie with Jelly Bear, Raspberry Tart with Rhubarb Monkey, Orange Blossom with Marmalade Butterfly, Cherry Cuddler with Gooseberry Goose, Lemon Meringue with Frappe Frog, Blueberry Muffin with Cheesecake Mouse, Angel Cake with Souffle Skunk, Apple Dumplin’ with Tea Time Turtle and Apricot with Hopsalot Bunny. The baddies were Purple Pieman with Berry Bird and Sour Grapes with Dregs Snake.

Is Apple Dumplin Strawberry Shortcake’s sister?

Yes, In the 2003 reincarnation of the series, Apple Dumplin‘ was Strawberry Shortcake’s younger sister and had a pet duck named Apple Ducklin’.

Does Strawberry Shortcake have a boyfriend?

Huckleberry Pie Is Strawberry Shortcake’s Boyfriend. But, he used to be interested in Blueberry Muffin.

Does Strawberry Shortcake have parents?

No, the series does not show parents or siblings for the dolls, except for one or two pets each. Every doll in the series, lives on his or her own.

Who are the new dolls with their pets?

In 2002, a new line of dolls was released:

Strawberry Shortcake – with pets Custard and Pupcake
Apple Dumplin’- with pet Apple Ducklin’
Ginger Snap – with pet Chocolate Chipmunk
Angel Cake – with pet Vanilla Icing the lamb
Orange Blossom – with pet Marmaladebutterfly
Huckleberry Pie – with pet Shoofly frog
Blueberry Muffin – with pet Cheesecake mouse
Rainbow Sherbet – with pet Triple Ripple Toucan
Seaberry Delight – with pet Kiwi Sea Turtle
Coco Calypso – with pet Papaya Parrot

What is Strawberry Shortcake called around the world?

Emily Erdbeer

Charlotte Aux Fraises


Rosita Fresita



Tarta De Fresa

Reasons Why Your Vintage Scented Doll Still Smells

The doll manufacturers Kenner, Matel and other makers use several techniques to keep the scent fresh over a long period: 

  1. The perfume is baked into the mold: I know that Mattel baked patchouli oil into their Stinkor Doll molds. The perfume is specifically designed to resist at high temperature and poured into the hot plastic prior being moulded into the shape of the doll.
  2. Doll hair is composed of fragrant plastic pellets: Doll hair is usually melted plastic pellets that are infused with any plastic-compatible fragrance.

What are the top 10 villians called in Strawberry Shortcake?

10) Mr. Sourpuss (he always wants to spoil everyone’s fun!)

9)The Sour Grapes Gang (they’re not satisfied with anything that anyone else has)

8) Mavis Moonglow (she loves making things go wrong for people she doesn’t like)

7) Coconut Shy Darrell( he likes taking over everything and telling other people what to do.)

6) Licorice Whip (he always hates on everyone’s favorite things)

5) Soursweet (she has a sour disposition and she never gets anything right.)

4) Sour Cherry Tart( he likes to make it seem like other people are doing bad things when they’re not)

3) The Banana Split Gang (they love making messes, playing tricks, and throwing tantrums!)

2) Lickety Splat (everyone knows that this guy is just terrible. He enjoys telling lies all the time in order to get what he wants from others). And finally…

1) Monty Monsoon! … This big red creature is constantly looking for ways to ruin Strawberry Shortcake’s day so he can take over her life and make it his own.