How to remove musty or smoky smells from collectable dolls

So you just found a large collection of your collectable dolls from the 80s and accessories, and they all smell musty. What should you do? Read our top tips below.

Remove musty or smoky smells from dolls

  1. Give the dolls somewhere to air for a few days. This should undercover and not in a place where they can get wet from rain etc.
  2. Put the doll into a closed plastic container with baking soda or new kitty litter to absorb the smell. Putting them on top of a cloth, placed in a new kitty litter tray could do the trick. Don’t let your cat ‘go’ in there though!!
  3. Don’t attempt to use Febreeze to mask the smell if you plan to sell the doll. Some people find it offputting, just like a musty or smoky smell.
  4. If you are posting the doll, keep in mind that smells can intensify when shipped in bubblewrap and the first wiff could be very strong. After that the smell will diminish.
  5. Some people carefully wash doll clothes and try to remove stains by handwashing in cold water.

We hope this helped you