Guide to Mint Tulip Doll Features with Prices


Overview: Mint Tulip was first released in 1983.  She is from Hollandaise and has a pet duck named Marshland Mallard.  She was also made into a rag doll, Party Pleaser, and Berrykin. She also has three regular miniatures. One of her miniatures is a 1984 mini of her with a wooden shoe.
She also has a deluxe miniature.

Revised information from the former Mint Tulip’s Garden Tea Party website.

Interesting facts:
Marshland Mallard was never made into a plush pet.
Her Party Pleaser shoes are very similar to Banana Twirl’s shoes

Price Guide
Regular Issue Doll
Value: MIB $40 and up
Party Pleaser
Value: MIB $75 and up
Value: MIB $250 and up
 Rag Doll
Value: MIB $100 and up
Mint Tulip and Shovel
Value: MOC $15
Mint Tulip and Marshland Mallard
Value: MOC $15
Mint Tulip and Marshland Mallard in a Wooded Shoe
Value: MOC $100
 Deluxe mini
Value MIB: $25 and up

Regular Issue Shoes
Party Pleaser Shoes
Berrykin Shoes
 Sayings on the Miniature Cards
1. Mint Tulip with Marshland Mallard:  “Tulip’s are berry special.”
2. Mint Tulip with a shovel:     “I like gardening berry much.”
3. Mint Tulip with Marshland Mallard in a shoe:     “This wooden shoe is a berry cozy bed.“