Plum Pudding Strawberry Shortcake Dolls Pets Miniatures and Prices

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Plum Pudding in general has very hard items to find. (Not as hard as Peach Blush though). She was never produced as a regular issue Strawberry Shortcake doll, just the Party Pleaser and Berrykin. She also has two 1984 regular miniatures and one 1984 deluxe miniature. 

There is a lot of confusion with Plum because early on she was depicted as a boy. Some items feature her as a boy, such as pillow dolls, sheets, the ceramic figure, and the books. The dolls and other items were produced as a girl starting in 1984. (Which is when the Strawberry Shortcake Party Pleaser dolls were released) But before 1984 Plum was a boy!

Elderberry Owl was never made into a plush pet.

Interesting Facts:

1.  She was never made into a regular Strawberry Shortcake issue doll.

2. She used to be a boy!

3.  Her Berrykin shoes are very similar to Almond Tea’s Regular issue and Party Pleaser shoes.

She looks very different in the current series: Plum Puddin’ is a talented dancer/choreographer with long purple hair in Berry Bitty City but she is still one of Strawberry Shortcake’s best friends!

Price Guide

Party PleaserValue: MIB $150 and up. Lovely scented plum doll. plumPP
 BerrykinValue: MIB $250 and up. Recently sold on Brown Eyed Rose for $415! 
Somes with a solid Plum scented perfume.
Plum Pudding getting ready for bedValue: MOC $150plumpuddinsleepingmini
Plum Pudding at schoolValue: MOC $200plumandpencilmini
 Deluxe miniValue MIB: $200 
Regular Issue ShoesBerrykin Shoes

Sayings on the Mini cards

1. Plum Pudding getting ready for bed:

  “Who-oo likes bedtime stories berry much? Everyone!”

2. Plum Pudding at school:

     “Learning is berry important.”