Purple Pieman Doll Berry Bird Miniatures and Prices

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The Purple Pie Man of Porcupine Peak (Ratta Tat Ta Ta Tat Tah!) was one of the first dolls issued. He’s the bad guy (Along with Sour Grapes) His pet is Berry Bird or Captain Cackle. There were two minis also produced featuring the pie man.

Berry Bird was never made into a plush pet

Interesting Facts:

1.  He has a spoon.

2.  He hates Berry Talk.

Price Guide

First and Second Issue DollValue: MIB $25 and uppurplepieman
Purple Pie Man with Pie MiniValue: MOC $15piemanwithpiePVC
Purple Pie Man with Berry Bird miniValue: MOC $20piemanwithbirdPVC


1. Purple Pie Man with Pie:

  “I’m the berry best baker.”

2. Purple Pie Man with Berry Bird:

     “Berry Talk is for the birds.”