Sour Grapes Dolls Dregs Miniatures and Prices

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Sour Grapes was issued latter in 1982. She’s one of the bad guys (along with the Pie Man). Her pet is Dregs Snake. There were two minis also produced featuring the Sour Grapes.

Dregs was never made into a plush pet

Interesting Facts:

1.  She has a niece Raisin Cane

2.  She is NOT the Pie Man’s wife!

Price Guide

Regular Issue DollValue: MIB $25 and uploosesourgrapes
Sour Grapes with Grapes miniValue: MOC $15sourgrapeswithgrapesPVC
Sour Grapes with Dregs miniValue: MOC $20sourgrapeswithdregsPVC
1. Sour Grapes with Dregs:     “We are a berry sneaky pair.”