Strawberry Shortcake Board and Console Games

We review the best Strawberry Shortcake Games that we love!

Dance Dance Revolution Strawberry Shortcake Plug N Play

Get down with Strawberry Shortcake and friends as you dance to some of their favorite songs. Let the delightful rhythms guide your feet in the most delicious dancing game this side of Strawberryland!


  • Plugs directly into the TV-no additional equipment needed
  • Multiple difficulty settings make it easy to learn, the whole family can enjoy!
  • Specialized dance pad for a one-of-a kind experience
  • Non-skid design allows accurate score-keeping and helps prevent sliding
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Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams game (PS2)


Description: In Strawberry Shortcake Adventures in the Land of Dreams, players will guide Miss Shortcake through the Land of Dreams to build new night visions for her friends Orange Blossom, Ginger Snap, and Raspberry Torte. Strawberry Shortcake must make it through eight levels in such environments as Strawberryland, the Dreamboat, the Land of Dreams, and the Dream Factory, while avoiding pits and enemies including Berry birds.

Along the way, Strawberry Shortcake can obtain special powers by unlocking dreams that contain a specified skill. She can also plant seeds in the Fantasy Garden Bonus Area to reach high places and collect bonus items. Players are challenged with a more difficult task each time a new friend asks for Strawberry Shortcakes’s help.

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Strawberry Shortcake Summertime Adventure


Welcome to Strawberryland, the home of Strawberry Shortcake, and her little sister Apple Dumplin’ and pets: Custard and Pupcake. Spring is a great time of year, but summer is Strawberry’s favorite season because it’s when she and her friends celebrate the famous Strawberryland Bakeoff. People come from all around to sample the delicious snacks and participate in the Blue Ribbon contests. Strawberry has been working all through spring on her berry garden, and her entries into the Berry Biggest Fruit contests are going to be extra special this year. Take Strawberry through an adventure with her friends on her way to growing the largest, sweetest berry to win first prize in the Strawberryland Bakeoff!


  • All of the popular characters from the franchise including Apple Dumplin’, Orange Blossom, Angel Cake, and Ginger Snap
  • Play in two different modes: Berry Garden mode and Strawberryland Adventure mode
  • Adventure mode features six side-scrolling action levels that include puzzles
  • Power-ups like Apple Dash, Blueberry Bomb, and Strawberry Steppers give Strawberry Shortcake special skills
  • Plant Strawberry, Blueberry, and Gumberry seeds in attempt to grow the best berry in Strawberryland and receive first place in the Strawberryland Bakeoff
  • Plant and tend up to four berries simultaneously in four separate patches in Berry Garden mode
  • Keep track of your accomplishments and “To Do” list at anytime during the game
  • Exchange dialog with friends during Strawberryland Adventure mode


  • Join friends like Apple Dumplin’, Orange Blossom, Angel Cake and Ginger Snap as they play fun & educational games
  • Grow the best berry and use it to win the bake-off
  • Two modes of play – Berry Garden Mode and Strawberryland Adventure Mode
  • Perplexing puzzles, peculiar power-ups and persnickety plant seeds make this a berry good time
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Strawberry Shortcake 16-in-1 Accessory Kit


The ultimate accessory kit for Nintendo 3DS, DSi XL, DSi or DS Lite consoles. Fans of Strawberry Shortcake will not be disappointed. Included in this great value pack is a stylish console carry case plus 5 individual game storage cases. In addition, there are 4 replacement stylus pens, earphones, a screen cleaner plus hand and shoulder straps. You can also give your console a make over with the great sticker kit. Manufactured under licensed from Starwberry Shortcake, you can be assured of high quality design and manufacture.

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Board Game Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City

This vintage game is fantastic! You are trying to be the first player to go to the bake-off and make it back to the Strawberry House. Each turn you spin the spinner and move to the next space of the color indicated. But watch out for the Peculiar Purple Pieman from Porcupine Peak! If you land on one of his spaces, you will have to pick a pie or two and hope it is not his or you have to go back to a purple space. It is lots of family fun.

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