Our Favorite Original Strawberry Shortcake Characters

Who doesn’t love Strawberry Shortcake? The Strawberry Shortcake franchise is a beloved and timeless classic that has been around for over 40 years.

The 12 original Strawberry Shortcake characters were:

Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Raspberry Torte, Plum Pudding, Apple Dumplin’, Custard Pie, Apricot Pedunkle (later renamed to Orange Blossom), Huckleberry Jam (sometimes called “Huck”), Black Currant Berry and Sunflower O’Sunshine.” The last three members of the gang had not yet been created when this book was published in 1980 – but that’s all about to change!

In the TV series in which they starred together, Strawberry Shortcake and her friends began as a group of young preschoolers living in an idyllic country village called Strawberryland. Each episode had them learn about some aspect of life through songs, stories or other educational segments (usually with several fairy tale characters making cameo appearances).

The girls faced typical childhood challenges including overcoming fears, sharing their feelings with one another to work out disagreements and learning how to resolve conflicts without fighting – all while using creativity to enjoy themselves along the way! The program also addressed important social issues such as recycling, being understanding towards people who are different from oneself and working for peace on Earth during episodes featuring UNICEF.

The first character is Strawberry Shortcake! She’s an adorable redhead who loves baking and her friends. Next, there’s Lemon Meringue Pie! She often finds herself in sticky situations but she has a great sense of humor and is always able to get out of them with her quick wit. And finally, we have Blueberry Muffin! He just wants everyone to be happy and enjoys singing songs about it.

Strawberry Shortcake is the main protagonist of this series -“The Berry Bitty Adventures”- She was made for a show called “My Little World” which actually aired on TV from 1986 – 1988 as well as other countries where Strawberry Shortcakes are popular such as Canada (1986), Australia (1986-1991), and New Zealand (1987).

Strawberry Shortcake is very good at baking, she loves to make her friends Strawberry Creams – a delicious treat that consists of strawberries trapped in whipped cream. She also has many different outfits mainly made out of cotton fabric so she can show off her creativity! Her favorite color is red, as it symbolizes love.

Blueberry Muffin was created for the “Berry Bitty Adventures” TV series which aired from 1997-2001 but she first appeared on merchandise back in 1995. She’s an outgoing girl who just wants everyone to be happy! Her signature outfit include orange shorts with suspenders and one brown sandal while her hair is usually depicted as being blue or white.

The two main differences between these two girls are their personalities and the colors they wear: Strawberry Shortcake loves red but Blueberry Muffin prefers orange!

-Strawberry Shortcake (created by American Greetings in 1980)

-Blueberry Muffin (1990’s animated series created by Saban Brands)

Side note on “Berry Bitty Adventures”: In 1997 when this TV show was popularized, it was also during the late 1990s era of animation called Anime which features art styles from Japan. This style includes big eyes for females and thick eyebrows; it is often taken to be an imitation of the style, though it has also been used as a means for parody and satire.

The Adventures of Berry Bitty was created in 1997 by Saban Brands (co-producers with American Greetings) and featured art styles from Anime that were becoming popular at the time. This includes big eyes for females and thick eyebrows; this type of animation became known as ‘Anime’, which typically features exaggerated facial expressions, fancy effects and frenetic action sequences – but not always! Often called “Japanimation” or simply “Japanese Animation”, anime can take on many forms including: comedy, tragedy, slice-of-life dramas…etcetera. In other words: It’s a versatile medium!

The character was designed in Japan by Japanese designer Yumiko Igarashi for American Greetings’ animated series Strawberry Shortcake which premiered on September 11th 1985 (the birthday of Bob Ross) on NBC’s Saturday morning lineup under their “Kideo TV” block of programming aimed at children aged four to twelve years old; all episodes were produced in Japan.

The original design called for her hair color to be orange but when designing the doll version this was changed to a more natural strawberry blonde.

In the anime, she is always seen wearing her yellow striped dress with blue trim and matching hat which has a bow on top of it; underneath are white blouse (with pink ribbon) and red or purple short-pants skirt. The doll version wears this same outfit however there’s no bow in place as it’s only for the show – the real one being made out of fabric.

Her home is Strawberryland where she lives with all sorts of critters including that pesky fox Mr. Pineapple who constantly tries getting into her kitchen but never makes it past those clever bunnies! She also likes to have tea parties at Cloud Cottage with friends like Huckleberry Pie, Pupcake, Custard, and Angel Cake.

Cherries Jubilee -who made her debut appearance in 1983, and Apricot Fairy.

Mint Julep is occasionally considered to be more than just an acquaintance or friend because he lives next door to Strawberry Shortcake with his dog Sammie! He makes occasional appearances throughout the franchise.

In conclusion, we like to have a good laugh with Strawberry Shortcake! She’s definitely one of our favorite characters from childhood.

Our next article: What is her home called? What does she do there? Who are some of the friends that she likes to go and visit at Cloud Cottage for tea parties?