Huckleberry Pie Strawberry Shortcake Dolls Miniatures and Prices

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Huckleberry Pie was first released in 1979. There are three regular versions for him. The first is the flat hand first issue, then the curved hand first issue, and finally the second issue with Pupcake.  He was made into a vinyl headed rag doll and J. C. Penney’s made him into an all cloth rag doll.  He also has two regular miniatures.  Pupcake was a very popular plush pet. He was made into three versions, small, medium and large.

Interesting Facts:

1.  He is the only boy made into a doll (Plum Puddin was a boy but then was made into a girl doll).

2.  He has no socks.

3.  There is a decal of a Huckleberry on the top of his hat that is very often missing.

4.  He is often mistaken for Blueberry  Muffin.

5.  He has no deluxe mini.

Price Guide

First Issue DollValue: MIB $40 and upHuckleberrypiefirstissue
Second Issue DollValue: MIB $25 and upHuckleberrypiesecondissue
Rag DollValue: MIB $150Ragdollvinylheadedhuck
JC Penny Rag DollValue: $75RagdollJCpenniehuck
Huckleberry with Pupcake miniValue: MOC $7huckandpupcakemini
 Huckleberry Fishing miniValue MOC: $7 HuckleberryfishingPVC
Plush Pupcake (Small)Value: $25plushpupcakesmall
 Plush Pupcake (Medium)Value: $25 plushpupcakemedium
 Plush Pupcake (Large)Value: $50 plushpupcakelarge
Regular Issue Shoes


1. Huckleberry Pie with Pupcake:

  “We’re berry best friends.”

2. Huckleberry Pie Fishing:

     “Fishing is my berry favorite pastime.”